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A.I. and Data-Centric Approach to Digital Transformation

Leveraging AI creates a scalable approach that detects, understands, and prioritizes online digital services in an unparalleled way.

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See how our services and technology can help with your digital transformation.

Language Adaptation

Every industry contains its own industry-specific lingual. Our technology enables a self-learning process that seamlessly learns the latest slang found on social media channels.

Our Technology

Brand-Relevant Filtering

Just because a message contains the name of a company doesn't mean the message itself is relevant to the brand. Our algorithm not only filters social media data based on the underlying context of the message but determines its relevancy to a social trend.

Contextual Categorization

Instead of relying on a defined set of complex keyword rules to categorizes the social trend forecasts, our platform automatically analyzes the entire context of a post to interpret its topic, sentiment, and impact.

Impact - rate the viral factor of the post to the online community

Sentiment - public perception of a brand based on message’s context

Topic - categorize the social post into relevant topics based on what is mentioned

Improving accuracy, made simple

The accuracy of the model is dependent on the data you use to train it. Thus, we have developed an end-to-end A.I. ecosystem which makes the journey of training and improving your A.I. model a relatively simple process.

Controversial Forecast

By analyzing the relevant context, data source, and historical social trends of every message, we can forecast consumer reaction and sentiments, providing

Early prediction of whether a post is likely to generate controversy

Warning of extreme emotions – whether people are for or against a social post

A list of topics which customers strongly agree or disagree with

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