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Forecast Every Social Trend in Real-time 

Automate Digital Services for

Any Situations


Instantly analyze all media sources in real-time

In the era of social media and technology, every minute you leave an online crisis or opportunities unattended, you will spend twice the effort trying to solve it.

Most advanced data crawling technology in Hong Kong, we combine timeliness and intelligence in one place

AI-POWERED Digital Services

Learn how to scale intelligent interpretation of Social Media Posts at a massive scale

Irrelevant data must be screened out so that you only see information that is relevant to your brand

Intelligent Alert

Repetitive conversation patterns are analyzed to deepen understanding of emerging social media trends


A scientific approach for prioritizing communication and action by forecasting the future impact of every crisis.

Forecast Impact

Try AI Monitoring Now


Our technology extends beyond matching keywords

Gain instant access to the best in-class text analytics technology

We have spent the past three years extracting and analyzing large amounts of online conversation data to enrich our Natural Language Processing technology and the results of this, is now at your fingertips

Our Clients

Customized AI Automation

Intelligent Categorization for every conversation

Automatically categorize every post by sentiment, impact, and topic based on your own definition.


Not another social listening platform,
we put insights right where you belong

Mobile Alert Capabilities

Get updates instantly, regardless of platform

Provide real-time notifications and customized alerts through WhatsApp, meaning you will be notified wherever you are.

Deep Dive with

See how our services and technology can help with

your digital transformation.

Online Conversations At a Glance

Effortlessly summarize conversations at scale

Understand the social media patterns, key influencers, and words associating patterns in just a glance.

Improving the Efficiency of Digital Transformations with AI Technology

Intelligent Pattern Detection

Receive more time to build contingency plans 

Detect rising trends, influencers, and slogan that yields high level of social media activity and engagement

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